One Faith, Many Paths: Becky Suman

Here’s another interview, this time from a teacher, Becky Suman.

1. When did you become a Christian?

 I became a Christian the summer before my fourth grade year.  My mom shared the plan of salvation with myself and my sister on the way to my sister’s appointment at a children’s hospital.  Both of us (my sister and I) asked Jesus into our hearts that day.

2. What is your current job?

 I am a high school science teacher (and this year I’m also teaching 8th grade science) at a Christian school.  In addition, I work part-time all year at Macy’s.  There, I’m an AST associate (Administrative Support Team) and work in the executive office at our store.

3. What is your favorite Bible passage?

I’ve always said that David was the very first Goth (or at least Emo).  I can absolutely get lost in the Psalms.  God has used David’s words many times to reach out to me and yank me out of very dark places.  Psalm 63 for the win!  

4. What proof would you give for God’s existence?

 I can’t help but to look at Creation (or Nature as many would say) and see God.  We were just talking in Biology class the other day about the cell’s respiration processes.  It is so amazingly intricate.  One little molecule out-of-sequence and your cells don’t receive the energy that they need in order to survive.  I look at that and see a little glimpse into my Creator.  He has a plan that is intricate and beyond my understanding, but I have Hope that He knows all and is in control.

5. What was your childhood like?

I grew up in a Christian family and in the church.  I was able to attend Christian school from 8th grade through 12 grade and am forever grateful for the sacrifices that my parents made so that I could attend there (I had a hard time in public school with bullying due to my introvert, nerdy nature).

My mom lauded education, so I developed a life-long love of learning from her.  My dad is a hard worker and I think a little of that rubbed off on me as well.  I remember a childhood of playing make-believe with my sister, days out in the yard/garden, and time spent at church both on Sundays and at kids choir and the girls program there.  It was a good childhood.  We didn’t have much money, but I don’t think it mattered.  I didn’t care that we didn’t go on vacations far way.  We stayed near home and did things together.  Those are the memories that are lasting.





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