Jason’s Jukebox: The B-52s

My all-time favorite band is the B-52s. They are a quirky band with extremely catchy lyrics and a unique sound. I just like how weird the band is.
The band consists of:
Fred Schneider–Lead Vocals
Kate Pierson–Lead Vocals, keyboards
Cindy Wilson–Lead Vocals, tambourine
Keith Strickland–Backing Vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards
Ricky Wilson–(deceased) guitar


The B-52s (1979): A very strong debut.  Famous for their signature song, “Rock Lobster”

Wild Planet: If you were to ask me what the best album ever was for this band, it would be this one. Here, they found their niche (very early) and the production work is solid. My favorite track would definitely be “Private Idaho”.

The next two releases, Party Mix and Mesopotamia were EP’s.  Party Mix is a remix album that I don’t particularly recommend.  Mesopotamia has production work from David Byrne of Talking Heads fame. It’s a pretty decent release, and Reprise Records has actually combined both of these into a single CD.

Whammy was not the best CD.  Sure, it contains the great songs “Whammy Kiss” and “Song For a Future Generation”, but the rest of the tunes just aren’t as good as what was released previously.

Bouncing Off the Satellites is the final CD to feature Ricky Wilson, as he died of AIDS during production.  It’s actually pretty good. I like the songs “Wig”, “Summer of Love” and “Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland”

After a few years, the B-52s got a new company and decided to start releasing CD’s again. First was their most popular CD, Cosmic Thing, featuring their biggest hit, “Love Shack”.

Good Stuff  is the only CD not to feature Cindy Wilson, and man does it show. It’s the album I like the least. There are some good songs, like “Is That You Mo-Dean”, “Bad Influence”, and “Hot Pants Explosion”, but without Cindy, the band feels incomplete.

Their most recent CD, Funplex has Cindy back in the band and it’s very good.  I can’t think of a single song on this release that I don’t like.

And there you have it. The B-52’s. My all-time favorite band.


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