Harry Potter and the Christian Muggle: The Order of the Phoenix



Order of the Phoenix is one of the longest books in the series. We get introduced to the loveably strange Luna Lovegood (played very well by Evanna Lynch in the movie. She really deserves more roles), and we’re also introduced to the universally loathed Delores Umbridge (I really have to hand it to Imelda Staunton, who played the movie version as if she was born to play her.)

Delores Umbridge is one of the best villains ever.  What I like most about her is how tyrannical she is. She’s fully convinced that she knows what’s best. She deliberately abandons actually teaching defense against black magic, mostly because she’s looking to stop “Dumbledore’s army.”  She’s downright creepy, especially in the scene where she makes Harry write lines for misbehaving, and it literally burns itself into his arm.  Even Hermione, who’s always a stickler for the rules, rightly decides that this is one time breaking the rules is warranted. One of the complaints I’ve heard against Harry Potter is that there are many instances where Harry Potter and his friends break the rules. I feel that this should not be a complaint because there are certainly times where breaking rules is warranted. There are many unjust laws that must be challenged, and that was the point of Jesus turning over the tables when he saw the money changers.

Luna Lovegood is another great character I can talk about from a spiritual point of view. She has the ability to see thestrals, despite the fact that you cannot see them under normal circumstances. One of my favorite lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is “There are more things in heaven than dreamt of in your philosophy.”  I like to use this quote as evidence for a Creator. In her way, Luna illustrates this because she can see things others usually cannot. She shows us that we must perceive things not only with our senses, but our hearts.

The government in the Harry Potter has now turned against him. This is because Cornelius Fudge believes Dumbledore is creating an army to oppose him (he actually is creating an army, but against Voldemort).  They also wish to sweep Voldemort under the rug and pretend he’s still dead.  They’re content to just stick their heads in the sand.  This is a dangerous notion because it puts everyone in more danger. Harry quickly realizes he is now on his own.  

This is another good book in the series and I like the lessons it teaches. They are certainly worth passing on.


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