Film Freak: Real Steel

Genre: Sci-Fi

Distributor: Touchstone/Dreamworks/21 Laps/Montford Murphy

Director: Shawn Levy

Running Time: 2 hours, 7 minutes

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Charlie Kenton is a promoter of a new sport: boxing robots.  He decides to team up with his estranged son Max to create the newest sensation.

Review: I have to say this movie pleasantly surprised me.  I only expected this movie to be silly, but still enjoyable.  I thought it was interesting that the movie wasn’t nearly as futuristic as I thought it was going to be. In fact, the robot-boxing was the only futuristic element.

I thought the relationship between Charlie and Max was developed very well.  At the beginning, we could easily tell that Charlie was more concerned with finding a winning robot than trying to heal the rift caused by his wife’s death.

The designs on the robots were very good.  I especially liked Noisy Boy, the second robot that Charlie attempted to promote.  All the robots had a unique look to them.  The imagination was very good.

One thing that really impressed me was Dakota Goyo, the kid who played Max.  I learned through the commentary that Shawn Levy actually let Dakota ad lib most of the performance.  When I learned this, it made him feel more genuine.

All in all, I found this movie very enjoyable. I’d recommend it to any sci-fi fan.



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