All About My Dad

With Father’s Day coming up, I decided I should talk about my dad. I talked about my mother on the Friday before Mother’s Day, so why not?

My dad has spent most of his life in Louisiana, as have I as a result. He was born in the 50′s and is definitely a product of that time. However, I often joke that he should’ve been born in another time. The reason I say this is he is obsessed with history. He seems to enjoy stuff about the Civil War and World War II the most. He also spent a good part of his life in the Navy. Because of this, he actually went to Antarctica for a while. That’s something neat: I can think of no one else I know I can say that about.

My dad’s current profession is bricklaying, and I help him with it. In fact, it’s pretty much the only job I’ve had. He’s a difficult person to work with, but I try my best.

My dad goes through a lot to help support us. Around here, work has its and downs, especially with the current state of our economy.

My dad’s really the outdoors type. He took me fishing, but it soon came to light that I am not the type of person for this. We did go camping when I was little, and I did like that, but fishing just bored me. My dad soon gave up on that, and now when he goes, I don’t and he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s also very much into sports, especially football. It will probably not surprise you that he is a fan of the New Orleans Saints, and has been pretty much all his life. I don’t watch football much, except for the Superbowl.

What I like best about my dad is that he puts up with me. I have a hot temper, and it makes me difficult, but he tolerates me. I am not a model child, and he knows it. I have to live with my parents because I am not financially able to support myself, so it’s great that my parents can support me. In fact, to be honest, I often worry what it’ll be like if they pass on before me, which I’m convinced will happen.

So, that’s my dad. Happy Father’s Day!


Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

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