Bookworm: Kingdom Come

Note: This is a review of the graphic novel published by DC, not the webmanga.

Genre: Superhero

Writer: Mark Waid

Artist: Alex Ross

Publisher: DC Comics (Elseworlds)

Summary: It is the distant future. The superheroes of old have aged. A new war is waging and the lines between good and evil are blurrier than they have ever been Superman has exiled himself from Metropolis. Wonder Woman has been exiled from her ancestral home. The Flash moves so fast, now he can’t even stop! Batman has turned Gotham City into a police state patrolled by his “Bat-Sentinels.” But has the world truly changed for the worse.

Review: I love superhero comics since I learned to read. Since DC owns Batman. I became a fan by default. Batman’s use of both brains and brawn, coupled with his realistic origin, truly made me a fan.

The two people who created Kingdom Come are no strangers to comics. Mark Waid is most well-known for his work on The Flash.  Alex Ross’s painting so gorgeous, they’ve become museum pieces. I’d been a fan of Alex Ross back when and Kurt Busiek created Astro City, so I already knew how good he was.

I thought it was great how the DC Universe, was reimagined. Superman believed his holographicfarm was more real than teality. I loved confrontation and Magog, Metropolis’s new protector.  Magog even gone so far as to kill The Joker. He even got himself acquitted. The confrontation between Superman and Magog’s line “The world changed, but you wouldn’t. So they chose me.  They chose the man who would kill over the man wouldn’t.” got to the heart of what defines Superman the most to me–not his powers, but his heart.  Superman is, at the end of the  day, the person, we aspire to be. That is why he cannot take a life.

I also thought it was great how the legends lived on. Several heroes had passed on their mantles by the time the story started: Nightwing, The Flash, and even lesser-known heroes, like Mr. Terrific (yes, there’s a superhero with this name)were reimagined.  Waid even remembered Superman’s other weakness and turned Captain Marvel, whose powers are magic-based into the perfect anti-Superman, under the control of Lex Luthor.

All in all, I truly enjoyed this graphic novel. Some great pictures and a resonating story to go with it.


Author: rocklobsterjwt

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